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Welcome everybody to my blog "The diary for my little baby"
I have to introduce myself first.My name is "Pim" and this is my story,Now (it's 10 Oct 13 while i'm writing) I'm pregnant for 25 weeks,I'm come from Thailand,My occupation is a maid gamer and blogger.My boyfriend's name "Witty",actually his real name is only "Witt" but i always called him witty so in this story i'll call him witty in the same,His occupation is designer about baby products and he really love the babies and know a lot about baby products but for me... I hate babies lol actually i didn't really hate all the babies but i just hate their sound scream and the babies's always stick with me like a shadow make me can do nothing.
I'm pregnant but I've been know for so late,i was know i already have a baby when i got 18 weeks,I don't feel morning sickness or wanna eat something specials like when we saw in TV,I didn't feel that at all,Plus before I go visit a doctor I've been go eat buffets almost 3-4 times per month but nothing happened and I always have symptoms, abnormal menstruation and my tummy wasn't big it's really normal but my menstruation was stop almost 4 months ago so I go buy the pregnancy test from mini-mart and used it but result is normal also.So i have to visit doctor and see what's happen to me,after I go visit doctor he said I should try to use that pregnancy test again for make sure I didn't really pregnant so he can give me correct medications then result is came and he said i'm pregnant.When i got 22 weeks I've been try ultrasound for second times and doctor told me I have a lot of chance I can get a girl but not sure for 100% because her legs is sealed it all so me and witty called our baby name's "Freya" :)
Because of me and witty was stick together for long time but we didn't plan for have a baby at all and we didn't thorough health check just annual health check.So we didn't know we're carrier of a thalassemia and  this disease can make the abortion happen! O_O What's going on next? Don't forget to follow about our story and cheer us for that ^-^ thanks.
PS. Sometime I have a bad English for white a story,i'm so sorry for that if make you guys confused.You can re comment or help me fix it by sent a message to me.I'll fix it and thanks for your help :) enjoy!

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16th Sept 13 Ultrasound came!!
28th Sept 13 Visit a doctor for prenatal care.
6th Oct 13 With Bloody diarrhea.
10th Oct 13 Have to stay alone.